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Theresa With Winnie The Mini



Hello. My name is Theresa Walker and welcome to my new business Heel the Soles. A professional foot care mobile business that I run in and around Felixstowe and Trimley,  Suffolk, uk.

For the past 30 years or so I have worked as a fully qualified dental nurse in various practices. Recently I began to feel the need for a change and the need to set up and run my own business. I had many years ago entered myself onto a footcare course and having successfully completed the theory lessons I was unable to get the time off to take part in the practical test. So I moved on and time went by. Then one Saturday chatting with family and moaning about how much I wanted to set up on my own someone said “why don’t you run a foot care business. It is something you have always wanted to do and a lot of people in this area are calling out for a mobile foot care specialist. You would be great at it”.

I suppose it was one of those light bulb moments when I though why not? So the next day I signed up to the BSY foot care course and spent the next 9 months completing the theory papers. Once they were completed I then had to complete a 4 day practical training session and test with a practising foot care specialist. I really found that all my previous experience as a dental nurse helped me grasp the techniques very easily and I enjoyed the work.

I have been running Heel the soles since August 2017,  it has been such an enjoyable experience and I have met so many amazing people. I cannot imagine doing anything else!

During August 2018 I attended a further foot health practitioners course at the college of foot health practitioners near Birmingham. After successfully completing this excellent course I was awarded a diploma in foot health practice.

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